Inspired by J-pop idols, Koneko (pronounced ko-neh-ko) is Scotland’s meowgical cat girl who performs both covers and original songs. With her upbeat personality and cheerful smile, her goal is to sing and dance into your heart! Grab your pink penlight and get ready to fall in love!


Real Name: Rosabelle Danielle DeLune
Nickname: Koneko
Age: Eternally 19!
Height: 170cm
Birthday: October 2nd

Koneko has come a long way since her online debut in 2014, with her cover of Loving Things from the video game Tomodachi Life. The cover gained attention for its 'cringe' factor, but nevertheless, Koneko was happy to be entertaining people.

In 2016, Koneko was lucky enough to appear on the Japanese TV show YOUは何しに日本へ?(Why Did You Come to Japan?) during her trip to the country, and again in 2020 when the TV crew came to Scotland.

Outside of street performing, Koneko has been performing at anime conventions all over the UK since 2019. She released her first original single, My Sweet Dream, in 2020.


[email protected]

Livestream Shows

Maid Koneko's Kitchen

Friday (monthly), 2pm UK time

A monthly cooking show with your favourite kitty cat maid! Maid Koneko will cook a delicious dish for you. Something sweet, something savoury, something... sparkly?? You never know what might come from Maid Koneko's magical kitchen!

Enderkitten! Minecraft with Koneko

Monday, 9pm UK time

Step into the world of Minecraft, where anything is possible! Do you have the game too? Then you can join the fun as Koneko builds, explores, and makes square-shaped discoveries!

Cyber Kitten Arcade

Friday (except on MKK days) & Sunday, 9pm UK time

Which game shall we play today? Cyber Kitten Arcade is a weekly gaming livestream where Koneko plays a variety of different video games!

Language Library

Tuesday, 7pm UK time

Parley vous français? Hablas español? It’s OK if you don’t understand - every week, come and study a different language with Koneko in the Language Library!

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